almost 2 years ago

Final Call

Hey there from GDSCVIT!

The DevJam train's about to leave the station! Registrations on the portal are about to close. Remember that in order to take part in the hackathon, you are required the register along with your team on the Devjams portal. All submission, team formation, and round selections will take place there. So don't forget to register here to take part!

Happy hacking!

almost 2 years ago

Change in Date

Hello from GDSC-VIT!

Unfortunately, we've had to postpone our hackathon to a further date due to unforeseen circumstances. Hence, DevJams 21 will now take place from 20th - 22nd November accordingly. Remember that it is extremely important to register on the DevJams portal as the hack submissions and team formations will take place over there. This is mandatory. Also ensure that you are in the DevJams'21 Discord server for all further updates regarding the hackathon.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, and happy hacking!